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Adults Only Means No Kids !
Adults Only refers to many different genre's such as: Adults only 18 and up, clothing optional, couples only, singles, and Hedonism. Whichever type of resort you chose, keep an open mind and make your choice after researching what you're really after. Do you want to be yourself, or totally be someone else? The choice is up to you. Romance can occur anywhere but in this vacation dream world that you are mentally creating, you may find yourself more liberated and free to experience your life, the way it was meant to be – yours. There are no alarm clocks, no deadlines, no clients, and no drama filled kids...just you, your partner (or future partner), and the world. 

Some of the most highly rated resorts are Sandals or Breezes in various locations, Desire Resort and Hidden Beach Resort – Cancun, Hedonism II and Hedonism III, Negril Cabins Resort, Couples Ocho Rios, and Sunset Beach Resort and Spa – Jamaica. Club Med Caravelle – Guadeloupe and there are multiple clothing optional beaches throughout the Caribbean that you can visit while staying at any resort.

Another adults only attraction is also the alternative lifestyle option of "Swingers", yes swingers or people who want to only be around adults that might engage with or exchange romantic partners. Often times nudist resorts or clothing optional resorts act as meet and greet places for swingers lifestyle groups.

Most adult vacations and resorts exist because people just want to get away from the daily grind and be able to spend quality time with each other or people they just might meet along the way. Adults only does not always have to be associated with something taboo or unethical, it's just people wanting to be free of parental concerns or limitations. 

People of all ethnic and religious backgrounds and from all parts of the world partake in a swingers lifestyle, but they do so discreetly and with caution.

Whatever you decide to do (or not to do) on your fantasy vacation, carry a smile.. The other guests, the locals, everyone you meet is a potential new friend. Life really can be a fantasy, isn't it time you started living it?

Adult vacations are most popular in the Caribbean Islands, South America & Hawaii just to name a few hot spots.

So let loose and leave the kids behind...